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Akatsuki Application filled in
-Important Info-
Name: Akahi 'Elliot' Hinotori
Nickname (Optional): Kahi-san, Black Wings Of The Mist
Age: 20
Birthday: 20th July
Appearance (You can link to a picture if you want):
Personality: Quiet around new people, relaxed once I get to know them more. Always ready to argue and stand my ground in an argument.
How do you relate to people?: Pretty well actually. Of course, First impressions always matter
Likes: Sweets, Alcohol, Music, Guitar...
Dislikes: People who's ego is so big it crushes everyone around them
Fear(s) and why?: Dummy's (the ones where the bottom of their mouths move)
Former Village: Village Hidden in the Mist
Past (Be detailed, unless your past really is vague or a mystery):
I was born in one of the wealthier families therefore I could get what I wanted. As a kid, of course, I was
:iconwisniowkomen:Wisniowkomen 0 0
My Akatsuki Application
RPC Information
Name(First,Last): Akahi Hinotori
Nicknames(Optional): Kahi-san, Black Wings of the Mist
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 1. 78 m
Weight: 66.6 kg (That IS my real weight!!)
Does Your character have any scars, tattoos, dimples, moles, piercings or any of the sort?:
Nipple piercings, Tribal cat paw prints going up spine, 2 long scars on back where the wings come out.
How do you act when you're joyful?:
Sing quietly to myself.
How do you act when you're angry?:
Ready to smash anything, often click my neck.
How do you act when you're saddened?:
Run my hand through my hair, play with one of the three rings I have.
Guitar playing, practising fighting with my weapons
Habits (Good and Bad):
Good: Highly tolerant, Good cook :)
Bad: Hard to control when I get too angry.
Birthday: 20 July
Chakra element(Maximum of 2 please): Fire & Wind
Likes: Food, Guitar
:iconwisniowkomen:Wisniowkomen 0 2
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Severus Phoenix
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SECTION A:  General Information

Name: Akahi Hinotori
Age: 17

1. Are you an orphan?
_No, but my father is dead.
_No, but my mother is dead.
X No, but my family hates me.  

2. Check one:
X Male
_Hard to tell

(If you selected female, skip the following question.)

3. Do you have amazing latent ninja powers?  
X Yes
_I'm not sure.

(If you are unsure, we will be willing to provide a free examination.)

4. Would you like to have a mentor/father figure?
X Yes
_No, I'm too aloof, cynical and/or untrusting.
_No thanks, I don't really need one.  
_I'll take several, please!

5. Are you possessed?
X Yes (select one)
_fox demon
_sand demon
_Orochimaru tattoo on shoulder
_temporarily possession by Ino
X unidentified
_No, but my friends think I am.
_No, my eyes are like this naturally.
_I possess others!

6.  Do you have spiky hair?
X Yes
_I don't have hair.  

SECTION B:  Specific Information
This section is designed to see if your personality is compatible with the Way of the Ninja.  Your answers may also affect your village placement.

1. What is your reason for existence?  (Select all that apply.)
_Killing everyone.  
X Being creepy.
_Being a love interest.
_I live for ______(name)!
_HOKAGE!!!  (Becoming one, that is…not the actual Hokage.)
_I live purely to annoy everyone.  
_Taking over ______(place).
X I'm not telling.
_I have great hair.  
_The team needed a third person.
_The team needed a token girl member.  
_Training orphaned ninjas.  
X Swathing myself in bandages.
_To defeat ______(name)!
X To become strong.
_For people to make fun of my eyebrows/lack of eyebrows.
_They needed a replacement referee.
X Attracting more female/male viewers.  
X How should I know!?
X Someone needed a rival.
X Wielding large weaponry.
_Recreational puppetry.
X Wearing fishnet.
X Wait, I need a reason?  
_Saying "chou" a lot.
_The main characters needed someone to defeat.
X Food.
_Sasuke porn.
_Reasons are too much trouble.  
_Getting killed, apparently.
_Wearing ungodly amounts of mascara.
X To explain, during pauses in battle, what a more important character has just done.
_They needed a 20th person for the reaction shot.  
_Yelling others' names.
_If I were to die, who would take care of my pet(s)?
_Cough syrup tastes good.
_I can't die until I find my eyebrows!
_To have a manga named after me.  
_There is no reason.

2. What are your hobbies?  (Select all that apply.)
X Training.  
_Training others.
X Fighting.
X Eating.
_Eating ramen.
_Arranging flowers.  
X Reading porn.  
X Writing porn.
_Researching porn.
_Being perpetually ill.  
_Plotting revenge.  
_Frolicking with animals/bugs.  
_Doing my hair.  
_Stalking Sasuke.  
_Strapping strange objects to my back.
_Recreational puppetry.  
X Playing board games.
_Collecting cow-themed ninja wear.
_Transforming into a naked chick.
_Invading other villages.
_Giant swords.   
_Giant fans.
_Having flashbacks.
X Crashing through windows.
X Chewing on a stick.
_nail polish
_face paint
X Pissing others off.
X Swallowing inanimate objects that should not be swallowed.
X Sleeping.

3. Which of the following weapons would you include in your ninja arsenal? (Select all that apply.  Abilities with * are heavily restricted, and you may not qualify.)
_Kunai.  (Duh.)
X Sword, curved.
_Sword, giant.
_Scythe, small.
_Shuriken, small.
_Shuriken, frickin' huge.
_Senbon (needles), plain.
_Senbon (needles), with bells.
X My teeth.
_A big stick.  
_Animate sands of death!*
_Icy mirrors of death!*
_Giant fan of death!  
_Bugs of death!*
_A life-size puppet.  Of death!
_Entering the opponent's brain.*  Of…wait.
_My pet(s).  
_Sound itself!!  (Note:  Those assigned to Sound only.)
_My shadow.*
X Hand gestures, seals.
X Hand gestures, impolite.  
_Lots of copies of me.
X Hallucinations.
_Infectious cough.
_Stretchy appendages.
_My crafty brain.  (Note:  Best effect when used by smart people.)
_ I don't need weapons, I'll just crush them with my body!*
_My fists are weapon enough!
_Arm implants.
_I'll poke their eye out with my hair!
_Sheer sexiness.
_Cool scrolls.  
_This rock I just found.
_Sheer effort.
X Everything I can get my hands on.
_Running away.
_I am a pacifist, and don't believe in weapons.  
_Other people.  
X Lots and lots of chakra.
_Glowy things.  
X Other (be creative!): 2 double-bladed scimitar

4. Which of the following would be part of your ninja wardrobe?  (Select all that apply.  Note that a headband is mandatory, and will be provided upon qualification.)
_A casual jacket.
_A olive-green ninja vest with lots of pockets.
X Bandages.
_Mouth covering.  
X Pants.
_Giant shorts.  
_Anything bright orange.
X Fishnet.  
_Cow-themed ninja wear.  
X Leg kunai holster.  
_An extra head.
_Flat wooden sandals.
X Modern blue sandals.
X Earrings.
_nail polish
_face paint
_Clown pants.  
_Big striped hat.
X A sash.
X A scarf.
_Conical straw hat.
_Chinese shirt.  
_Hair bun(s).  
X Giant cloak.
_Hokage-wear, complete with giant hat.  
_Enormous purple bow.  
_Anything with the Kanji for "death" on it.  
_Mask, cool-looking.
_Mask, dumb-looking.
_Mask, kitty.
_Pink kimono.
_A haystack.
_Other (Please draw):  

5. People describe me as:
X Energetic.
X Ambitious.
X Hard-working.
_A jerk.
X Evil.
X Nice.
X Weird.
X Scary.
_Vaguely creepy.
X Quiet.
X A pervert.
X Large.

6. Find out who the hell I am and what am I doing here... x20 Learn how to fly using wings (i do have them!!!) Kakashi-sensei x234

7.  I was born in the village hidden in the mist. One day, a huge fire broke out, and my household was burned down. I was trapped inside my own room, and although i was screaming my head for for my dad to help me get out, no-one came to help me. Somehow i survived the fire. I found out that my whole family has left me and went to set up a new house somewhere far away. I lived with a group o travelers for over 10 years, when I finally found my parents. When I got to see them, we had a massive argument over them leaving me in the fire. I made them mad, and they made me leave. I left them, and found myself in Konoha.


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